About Us

All about (EGS)¶Excel Global Services we are multibusiness International company We offer a convenient vtu program where u can start ur own network subscription BUSSINESS and make more super money ,. We also offer covenient marketplace range where u can advertise ur product on our website and make more sale to generate more income through our huge traffic on EGS ,,,,,, YES YES ,,,,,,, ANOTHER SUPER AMAZING SECTION ( AFFILIATE) This is where u can make cool money and erase Sapa in ur life finally , You join this section with a token of 2000 only then u keep making At least 8000 naira per week ,.

We also have our product, we produce chalk To all schools , Educational Toys , etc likewise join our EGS Channel TV on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram for more news across the whole world & lastest about Excel Global Services .. let promote ur BUSSINESS.

Our Vision

EGS vision Is to become the largest online retail VTU, MARKETING PLATFORM and BEST AFFILIATE in the world & Make our customers happy throughout our journey in world.


Our Mission

EGS mission Is to promote upcoming artist and groceries at far below market prices with no additional delivery cost.